Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Perils of an Orderly Response

Here in the United States, the bird flu is a new concept to far too many citizens. The resulting near-panic it is causing is no surprise, consequently. In the October 12th Wall Street Journal, ( for subscribers) Holman Jenkins provides rare perspective on this “inevitable pandemic”.

Jenkins observes the response of the Bush Administration and leaders of Congress to the “inevitable pandemic”. They offer the illusion that U.S. political leaders are gaining control of the situation, in vain hopes of erasing the impression that they lacked control in response to Hurricane Katrina. However, control is neither necessary nor desired. This is the kick from a spontaneous order perspective – Jenkins illustrate that nature (and mankind) both succeeds and thrives because of the random nature of its selective process. It is a terrific application of the principles behind the efficiencies of spontaneous orders well worth the read.

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