Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I Don't Call Him Steve

A volume of Steven N.S. Cheung's collected essays is out. Including index, there are some 803 pages in this volume. All of the Professor's major pieces are included, including some that have never seen the light of day before. Among all of these unpublished papers, one is especially important. It is called "Why there is a lack of Freedom under Communism." Using the property rights framework, the Professor explains why freedom is incompatible with communism.

This Saturday, there will be an academic conference to honor the Professor's academic achievements. Almost all well known US trained Chinese economists will be there, including Zhou Qiren of Beida and Qian Yingyi of UC Berkeley. It is going to be exciting!

Right around the time when Hayek passed away in the 1990s, Jim Buchanan wrote a piece in momemoration of the old man entitled "I Don't Call Him Fritz". Jimmy explains what the title means in the article. His reason is that Hayek is far too important an intellectual giant for him to simply address him by his first name. I feel the very same way whenever I talk to the Professor, I never call him "Steve".

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