Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Go Mason!

It turns out that George Mason has many other nice things to offer other than economics, law and info tech...

LA Times headline wrote: George Mason Brings Down the Champ. Read it here.

Another story also in the Times has this nice description of George Mason:

George Mason is a relatively new university, founded in 1972 as part of the University of Virginia system. Its original goal was to provide education in subjects of importance to the growing community of government workers in Northern Virginia. It has well-regarded schools of public policy and informational technology. It was mainly a commuter school until about 15 years ago.

But now George Mason is the largest university in the state. It has 29,000 students. It has two Nobel Prize winners in its economics department. It has a groundbreaking department of microbiology.

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snowball said...

Can you stop being a copy-and-paste machine?

Besides, there is nothing to brag about having got a PhD from GM.