Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Thomas Friedman: Amateur or Guru?

What makes NYT columnist Thomas Friedman's The World is Flat such a big hit remains a mystery to me....I mean if you want to know about the impacts of globalization, why don't you get a book written by real experts in the field like In Defence of Globalization by J. Bagwatti or Free Trade under Fire by Doug Irwin (who is a student of Bhagwati).

Bagwatti's and Irwin's books are targeted at the general audience so they are written in an accessible language that is free of jargons. If you can get the stuff from the horse's mouth, then why bother with a merchant of second hand ideas like Friedman?

Am I missing something? Does Friedman really has something insightful and important to say on this topic?

Nop, nop, nop...

Read this insightful and negative review of Friedman's book by UCLA trade economist Ed Leamer here.

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