Sunday, November 19, 2006

James Shikwatis versus Jeff Sachs

Mr. Shikwati, from Kenya, is now a conservative phenomenon.

"He has published scores of articles hailing business as Africa's salvation; offered free-market lectures on five continents; and, defying the zeitgeist of the Bono age, issued scathing attacks on foreign assistance, which he blames for Africa’s poverty. When Western countries pledged to double African aid last year, an interview with an angry Mr. Shikwati filled two pages of Der Spiegel, the German magazine.

“For God’s sake, please stop the aid!” he told the magazine."

That is from an excellent story in NYT on how ideas matter on the policy front. Read it here.

The line that I like best is :

“We have to stop looking for other people to save us. We need to look for ways to save ourselves.”

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