Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Say No to Vision

HK's Chief Executive contender Alan Leong recently said:

"Mr. Tsang stands for 40 years of administrative experience as a civil servant. Administrative officiers do not need a vision. They only need to carry out the policies of the Governor and British rulers. It is administration with an elitist mindset.”

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Indeed, one popular criticism of Donald Tsang (that is the same Tsang in the quote above), another contender's campagin slogan "I'll get the job done" is that it lacks vision.

I assume what both critics who attack Donald for his lack of vision and Alan Leong mean by the word vision is this: the "[u] nusual competence in discernment or perception; intelligent foresight". (Source)

According to this definition, I consider it a good thing that Donald lacks vision because I believe that neither Donald nor Alan has unusual competence in discernment or percetion nor do I believe that they have intelligent foresight.

BTW Mr Leong, isn't the whole point of having democracy is NOT to rely on particular attributes and characters of the person in charge of the government but rather on the institutions and procedures of the political system instead? If so, why do you want us to support you because you have vision? A vision which prompts you to try to force competition law, minimum wage, maximum working and similar visionary policies down our throat?

F. Hayek has repeatedly argued in his works that our primitive yearning for some wiseman to lead us has time and again resulted in the infringement of personal liberty and freedom.

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