Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Have you ever had the following experience. You go to the bookstore, not knowing exactly what you want to get. Then, just when you are pretty sure you are not going to get anything on this trip. You see something. A book is sitting at that corner of the bookshelf which usually no one will ever bother to check. There, you find your book of the day, book of the month may be, or may be a book which will change your perspective for the rest of your life.

I had that experience the other day...I found this book called The Difference by Scott Page.

No amount of internet search has enabled me to discover this book, and I perform that kind of internet search every single day.

Here is a blurb on the book by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of Fooled by Randomness and The Black Swan:

"Another highlight of 2006 was to find in my mailbox The Difference by Scott Page. Page examines the effect of cognitive diversity on problem solving and shows how diversity acts like an engine for tinkering. It works like evolution. By subverting the big structures we also get rid of the Platonified one way of doing things. This is a landmark book."

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