Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What I Have Been Reading

Fragile Superpower: How China's Internal Politics Could Derail Its Peaceful Rise by Susan Shirk at UC San Diego and she was former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State responsible for U.S. relations with China.

Surviving Large Losses: Financial Crises, the Middle Class, and the Development of Capital Markets by Philip Hoffman at Caltech and his coauthors.

A biography on Michael Polanyi.

A book based on lectures of the late John Rawls.

And finally, I am almost done with Albom's third serving, For One More Day. It is certainly better than his second book, The Five People You Meet in Heaven. It is still way, way off compared with his first book Tuesday with Morris.

I still remember vividly the strong emotions that I had while reading Tuesday with Morris. I finished it on a flight from San Francisco back to Washington D.C. after a job interview.

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