Monday, August 27, 2007


從讀者回應的多寡看, 王迪詩 (Daisy) 在信報的專欄,應有不少讀者。我對王文的觀感,她的一位讀者巳替我道出:


我在想,假如王小姐在美國而不是香港唸本科,情況是否會好些。道理很簡單,在美唸本科,王小姐根本不能挑法律作主修,她的學養和眼界 ,在接觸多種不同的學科後必能得以拓寬不用靠扮 smart ass 來 取悅讀者。

And given her punishing and hectic schedule, I would imagine she would be more inclined to bring a copy of Tuesday with Morris with her on a business trip rather than Hayek's Constitution of Liberty. So I doubt she has that much time to beef up her general knowledge after graduation.

Or May be I am totally wrong, may be an author no longer needs to check her facts and even logic so long as her work is able to attract readers. May be her writing style, which appeals to readers' emotional response instead of their intellect, is exactly what readers are after these days.

三年前肥佬黎對我說: Gary, 你不用在文章內講邏輯說道理,光駡人就行。
我答: I do not know how to write a piece without an argument.

那年我三十九歲,若當時我和Daisy 同年即二十八歲,也許我的答案會不一樣!?


Leona said...

Gary, very well-written and modest comment! I like it a lot. Couldn't agree more.
Do you think that girl (Ms Daisy Wong) would show us her shelf?

This is my first time visiting your are you writing for AD currently? Are you on the same page as WSZ?

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