Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Cheung Theorem


That's Professor Steven N S Cheung talking. More here.

My translation:

"Property rights delineation will be rendered problematic with the presence of a large army of laywers in a profession".

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Kempton said...

Interesting "theorem".

Looking at it closer, don't we have a chicken and egg issue here?

One can argue, a problematic (and "rich") area will lead to more lawyers practicing in that area because there are more money to be made?

Looking at the idea of this "theorem" from a totally different angle.

Any scientific area that has more scientists studying it will lead to more problems to be found/solved.

Or should it go the other way around?

A challenging field of scientific study will lead to more scientists working in the field.

Hmmm, my memory is not that great but I think I just did a "train-noise vs farmers' field" and "dentists drill noise vs. ??" transformation analogy here. Something I remember reading from Prof. Cheung.