Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jim Buchanan on John Rawls and Bob Nozick

Ever since reading Hayek's brief remark in Law, Legislation and Liberty that his approach to the subject matter at hand seems close to that of John Rawls, at least the earlier works of Rawls, I am interested in learning more about the alleged similarity between the two great minds. That is why I have recently purchased quite a number of books both by Rawls and by others on him, more here.

Therefore, I am extremely encouraged also by learning that Jim Buchanan has high regard of Rawls' work.

According to this blog entry:

Buchanan also spoke highly about Rawls. I think I mentioned that Hayek had said that his approach was similar to Rawls. I think Buchanan said he did not think that comment was surprising. I also believe I remember Buchanan saying that he thought more highly of Rawls than of Nozick.

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