Sunday, March 23, 2008


My family went to Hokkaido for a few days. We were staying at the Club Med there. One thing my wife and I both notice is the substantial improvement in Japanese people's ability to communicate in English.

That was something we did not feel back in our trip to Osaka in 2000.

What's going on?

Has the wave of globalization finally pushed Japanese people to brush up their English language skills or is it a case of sample bias, in other words, we just happen to meet a bunch of Japanese who are good in English. My wife and I tend to believe that the second answer is more plausible.

BTW, the picture above is the view from our room's window.



The scene is beautiful!Did you drive?

Angela said...

My question is: do they have English road signages now?
If so, I guess they are well on their way to globalization!