Monday, April 28, 2008

Beginning of the End

寫了三十多年政經評論,筆者對過去理直氣壯地維護資本主義制度頗生悔意,因為看到了太多不公平手段和欺詐性活動 ,而一些本以為放諸四海而皆准的理論經不起現實考驗(比如價高必然使產量增加促致價格回順)……。筆者真的希望中國不要徹底走資,社會主義的確能夠維繫社會公平,中國若能定出一套在「向錢看」與社會公平間平衡發展的政策,中國的崛起才對提高人類福祉有積極意義!

This is from Hong Kong Economic Journal's famous columnist 林行止 .

Read the whole thing here. More comments later.

Social Justice? Are you kidding me, Mr Lam? There IS NOT an identity called society which makes economic decisions, and I thought we are over that idea DECADES AGO!


t freak said...
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tea freak said...

Putting the soundness of Mr. Lam's argument aside, Mr. Lam's statement represents a clear signal for the change of ideology in Hong Kong.

Mr. Lam's retreat means to Hong Kong's capitalism in 2008 what the fall of Berlin Wall meant to the world's socialism in 1989.

Mr. Lam established his newspaper to "educate" Hong Kong people about capitalism 30 years ago, when the mass public (if you don't like the word "public", it means many people) knew little about capitalism.

Although i feel conservative about his argument, i admire his courage of intellectual pursuit.

And if you watch TV, many people have become increasingly impatient about inequality (of outcomes). Hong Kong is changing, as being part of the world's bigger tide towards populism.

Kempton said...

Hi Gary,

Looking forward to read your follow up post in taking apart 林行止's analysis and discussion (in particular the discussion of the impact of the "speculative" activities using derivatives instruments).