Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Recently I was invited by L, my former colleague who is now working for Hong Kong Economic Journal, to contribute a piece to his paper commemorating the paper's 35 anniversary.

A few people have missed it when it was published last week and asked me to reprint here. I am not so sure because of my concern about copyright issues.

Now the problem is finally resolved because one can read it for free online, and the link is here.



I have seen the one written by Mr. Yeung and the professor. Don't know why I have missed yours. Luckily you mentioned it here.

Congratulation. Really want to see you writing on other topics in future.

By the way, I have read the article mentioned by you in HKEJ and am actually writing on it. So, it is really funny to find that you have done it.

I pretty sure that the writer knows nothing about market, even though he mentioned it again and again in his article.

Kempton said...

Gary, Thanks a lot for the link. I've finished yours and I am checking out the professor's next and then quite a few other articles also interested me.

I've even forwarded the link to a few friends of mine and I am proud to beat one of my friend who usually is the fastest to send us interesting HKEJ articles.

Kempton said...

P.S. OK, I am no copyright expert but I suspect it is becoming more common for authors to retain copyright on articles especially for non-commercial republishing. I notice Michael Geist, my blog friend and copyright advisor (who is a law professor at U of Ottawa), has his syndicated newspaper columns routinely republished in his blog.

P.P.S. Of course, I guess any agreement or contract can be struck between consenting parties.

Anyway, I do notice a wider trend of downloadable articles in researchers' own web page or blog much more frequently nowadays as it should be, I think.

It is not only "publish or perish", it is now "downloadable or perish". As the one that can be more easily downloaded will be the one that is wider read and more likely to gain some "authority" on the subject matter. IMHO.

tea freak said...

I enjoyed your article, didn't know 原來你咁勁. and enjoyed the books you recommend last time, i have finished "wisdom of crowds" and is half way through "origin of wealth". thank you.