Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Now this is progress

According to a story reported in China's Caijing magazine, a tax firm (let's call it firm A) in the coastal Zhejiang province has filed a complaint to the court that a local government has violated the newly implemented antitrust law.

According to the story, firm A complains that another tax firm (let's call it B) has been allowed to have an office at the local government building while similar demand from firm A is denied. Apparently firm B has close government ties with the local government. Hence, the complaint. It will be very interesting to see how the court rules in this case. Stay tuned for more reporting on the case.

Here is the story, sorry folks in simplified Chinese only.

Now even if the mainland's antitrust law does allow cases against the government (some other jurisdictions as well like Australia), one wonders why in HK government's consultation paper on competition law, the government is exempted from the law.

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