Thursday, September 04, 2008

路人甲, Morris and Randy

九七年秋的一個晚上,獨個兒從華盛頓飛往三藩市面試,飛機上暗黃的燈光散落在我手中捧着的小書,淚水滴在橙黄色的書紙上分外動人。 書的名字叫 Tuesday with Morris.




十年後的一個懶洋洋下午,一口氣把 The Last Lecture 讀完,心情平靜。




To me, reading The Last Lecture reminds me of reading one of those pop self-help books written by Anthony Robbins.

Yes, it is tragic that Randy's life was being cut short by a terrible illness. But I also believe it is a fact that a lot of people, in fact I would venture to guess 90 percent of the people, could not achieve what Randy did achieve in his forty some years in existence. Therefore, some people like myself , may not relate to the feelings, messages and lessons relayed in Randy's book as much as when reading Tuesday with Morris. Guess it's because most of us are ordinary folks. Randy's achievement certainly inpires us, but I doubt many of us could attain his level of achievement even if we try our best to take down those brick walls blocking our way.


Some walls are simply made of steel or concrete. Or may be what I wrote above only reflects my weakness, my lack of determination to achieve life goals. Whatever. Just live your life the way you think best for you.

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Kempton said...

Call me unreasonable or impractical, but may be life is in the attempting, trying, dreaming, and less in the final "achievement"?

I didn't shed any tears when I finished Randy's book. Although when I first watched his Last Lecture and then again on the day he passed away, I did shed some tears.

Gary, I don't think what you wrote reflect your "weakness" at all. As self-awareness is always good in my book. Like you said very well, just live our lives the way we think best for us. And we are all different.

P.S. I know I am at times unreasonable and I have paid my share of prices. To me, for better or worst, George Bernard Shaw's "Man and Superman" resonate with something deep within me. -- "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man."
I know very well that I may fail very badly, but I have to give it a try.