Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Desperate Mickey

Hong Kong Disneyland turns out not to be a tourist magnet.

In a bid to attract more visitors, they have tried almost everything. Yes, I mean everything.

They have gotten rid of senior staff (or they quit on their own depending on whether you are looking at the matter from a shareholder or an employee perspective), they have tried issuing new tickets that allow visitors to use the same ticket to enter the venue twice, they have tried to be nice to the unions (yes, the unions) and now they try to be nice to the cab drivers!

Cab drivers, you ask. Yes, cab drivers I answer.

Here is the latest from SCMP:

"The city's 50,000 taxi drivers were invited to join the free ticket promotion in Tung Chung, Susan Chan Shou-san, publicity director of Hong Kong Disneyland, said yesterday."

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