Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hayek must have this in mind when he coined the term Spontaneous Order

Picture the following scene:

A young guy, a middle-aged man, both riding on a bus. The young guy patted the shoulder of the middle-age guy trying to let him know that he was talking way too loud. The middle-aged man became all worked up, stood up and started yelling at the young guy not knowing that everything was taped by a fellow passenger on the bus...

Pretty lame stuff you say. Sure, but that is exactly the point that I am trying to make here.

How come such a lame movie has so far viewed by more than 2 million pairs of eye-balls?

The reason is that, without anyone doing the planning, a proliferatoin of different versions of the original video is created soon after the original video is uploaded on the net. Now the video has a rap-song version, one with English subtitle...Watching the video has now become an artistic event for fellow internet viewers as a result of this collective creative exercise without a central art director.

That very phenonmenon must be what Hayek has in mind when he coined the term spontaneous order.

For those readers who do not understand Chinese, here is the version with English subtitles. (Warning: Strong language)

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