Monday, December 10, 2007


Apple Daily reported today:

今 年 24 歲 的 Kennis , 指 資 方 過 去 一 年 不 斷 削 減 福 利 , 令 她 忍 無 可 忍 , 又 指 機 艙 服 務 是 體 力 勞 動 工 作 , 容 易 傷 及 腰 背 手 腕 , 「 公 司 唔 建 議 我 幫 客 人 搬 行 李 , 因 為 太 重 會 傷 腰 , 但 客 人 又 會 要 求 我 咁 做 。 」 另 一 空 姐 陳 小 姐 稱 , 資 方 的 做 法 「 好 似 訓 導 老 師 罰 學 生 咁 」 , 「 我 都 唔 想 病 , 但 我 比 做 office 更 容 易 病 , 飛 機 空 氣 燥 , 一 咳 就 好 難 好 。 」 亦 有 遊 行 人 士 指 , 即 使 是 患 輕 微 感 冒 也 可 以 影 響 耳 道 , 在 機 艙 環 境 內 耳 膜 甚 至 會 出 血 。

I presume the ladies who complain about all those work harzards are well aware of them when they first sign their contracts years ago, if so, the terms of the contract must in their own evaluations worth the risks assumed. Why complain now? And if the current pay, everything considered including the slashed medical benefits, is below their earnings elsewhere I presume they would quit right away instead of participating in a strike, aren't they?

The fact of the matter is that with Cathay's eroding MONOPOLY PROFITS because of intensifying competition coming from other airlines, especially those budget airlines, Cathay is no longer able to share as much with its workers as before.

So these Cathay ladies are actually bitching and moarning about their declining level of monopoly rents shared with the company, not that they are being exploited by the greedy capitalists.

But I am willing to bet with you readers that if the strike drags on, sooner or later, 李卓人之流必然会走出來攻擊貪婪的資本家。

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