Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Talented Professor-to-be from Hong Kong

His name is K P Tsang, an assistant professor-to-be at Virginia Tech, a very good school. And yes, he actually attends the same graduate school where professor Steven N S Cheung once taught.

To be honest with you, I find his non-economic blog posts in Chinese a better read than his techical work. Well at least you do not have to go through all those tables, equations and appendix which contains pages of proofs when reading the former. Here is a sample of his non-economic writing in Chinese:



And if you insist, here is where you can find some of Byron's technical papers.

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Kempton said...

Thanks for the link Gary. I've popped by Byron's blog, it is very readable. I am looking forward to reading more from his blog.

P.S. Byron's "Decision-making by Children" seems quite interesting, I will see if I can scan it while skipping most of the math. (smile)