Monday, February 25, 2008

Too Bad This Guy Isn't Applying for the Job of Market Analyst

According to a story in today's HK Standard:

Veteran newsman Robert Chow Yung yesterday publicly declared that he has applied for the director of broadcasting job in answer to what he termed prejudice and discrimination against non-degree holders like himself and six million Hong Kongers.

In an emotional and high-profile announcement, Chow, who is now a businessman and a Radio Television Hong Kong host, named legislators Emily Lau Wai-hing and Cheung Man- kwong as well as RTHK Programme Staff Union chairwoman Janet Mak Lai-ching for discriminating against "many other Hong Kongers who do not have a degree but pledge their earnest efforts to be successful."...

The controversy erupted after the government lowered its requirements for applicants to head RTHK. In contrast to the job's requirements posted last year, applicants will no longer be required to be university graduates provided they have at least 15 years' experience in the media or broadcasting fields.

The decision to lower the academic requirement has also led to speculation the post was tailored for Chow, a talk- show host and former Hong Kong Standard editor-in-chief. The veteran newsman yesterday said he was "more than competent" as head of RTHK because of his 40 years of experience in the industry, including three decades in management.

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Gary's Comment: Too bad Robert Chow isn't applying for the post of economist or market analyst, for according to the latest column of Professor Steven N.S. Cheung, one does not need a degree in economics in order to understand how market works:


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