Monday, June 23, 2008


I really think Miss Ling should run in the forthcoming Legislative Council election and on the platform of free market principles.

No minimum wage, no maximum working hours, no more favours to selective interest groups like scrapping taxes on diesel which meets the Euro V standard, slash taxes, oppose the buidling of the West Kowloon Cultural Hub (instead the money saved is given to each and every Hong Kong resident through the form of cultural activities coupon and let them decide what kind of art activities they would like to enjoy, guess it is too late now), reduce the wages of civil servants, slashing the number of civil servants, balanced budget amendment to the Basic Law, distributing the cumulative surplus now piled up at the HK Monetary Authority back to where it belongs, ordinary folks, people like you and me, in Hong Kong a la Macau style on a per head basis...

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