Monday, June 30, 2008

Coase, Chicago and China Conference

The conference organized by R. Coase on China is forthcoming in mid-July.

Stars who will attend include Coase, Bob Mundell, Doug North, Bob Fogel, Janet Landa and Gordon Tullock. You can access the conference's program here. Enjoy!

And yes, Professor Steven N S Cheung's paper would be the first paper to be presented at the conference, and discussants are Bob Fogel and Bob Mundell.


Kempton said...

Gary, Thanks for posting the info and link. Make me wish I live in Chicago and can find a way to sneak into the conference somehow.

I wonder if there are plans to video record the conference and may be even webcast it? There were precedence of UC webcasting events (or posting the videos online afterwards). Ah, one can always dream. :)

Peter said...

I am sorry, I am not an economic guy , but a karate boy! Do you remeber me - 龔瑞琛.
It is a long time - >20 years
How can I communicate with you? E-mail?

Gary M C Shiu said...

Hi Peter, or known to me as 龔瑞琛, of course I remember you.

Yes, it has been twenty years since we last met. I think last time we saw each other was at that 1987 international karate event, we were helping our instructor doing some organizing work for the event.

What's the best way for me to contact you, yes I use email but I am reluctant to post it here though.

Peter said...

Yes, this is a public place not suitable to post the account. Or I contact you by mail, sent it to your office, newspaper one?