Thursday, October 06, 2005

Democracy = Voting?

Hong Kong government is soon to release its latest consultation paper on political reform. The sad thing about the democratic camp is that to members of this camp, democracy means one and one thing only: right to vote. Read some of their thoughts here. Sad.

"Not the right to be free from arbitrary arrest and to the writ of habeas corpus; not the right to acquire, use, transfer, and be secure in the possession of property; not freedom of speech; not the right to a trial by jury – no. The right to vote. The right to yank a lever in a booth on intermittent occasions, along with thousands or millions of other people, the collective outcome of which is the election of a handful of power-mad, glib dissemblers who specialize in picking each of our pockets, transferring the booty to special-interest groups, and persuading us that we are strengthened, enriched, and raised to glory by it all."

That is from Don Boudreaux, a professor of economics from my alma mater George Mason University, read the whole post here.

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