Sunday, October 23, 2005

Hong Kong's Democrats Suck, Big Time!

Hong Kong government has just released its democratic blueprint for this former British colony, read it here. Bottom line is Hong Kong is not going to have universal sufferage anytime soon.

Insistence on having univeral sufferage, the democrats are of course furious.

The SAD facts about Hong Kong's democrats are these:

1) They hate most of the government's policies not because these policies will bring about BIGGER GOVERMENT. They do so because they are not the ones who propose them in the first place.

2) They support competition law, minimum wage, and more government spending on welfare. And they are COMPLETELY ignorant about how real markets work and what they are advocating will mess up the smooth functioning of the markets.

3) Who gets to vote IS THE ONLY thing that democrats care about as if democracy means nothing other than everyone should get to vote. There is no mentioning of how the government's hands should be tied, there is no mentioning of how to reduce government expenditure, there is no mentioning of how to reduce red tapes so that the market can work better, there is no mentioning of how property rights should be further strengthened...and so on.

Add 1 to 3 together, seriously, I just cannot image what kind of damage this crowd will do to Hong Kong's economy if they are in the driver's seat. That's why I think Hong Kong's democrats SUCK, BIG TIME!

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