Sunday, October 16, 2005

Strong Governance = Good Governance?

Hong Kong's new Chief Executive just delivered his maiden Policy Address a couple days ago, you can read the whole thing here.

It is not the content of the Policy Address that has caught my eye though, rather it is the title of the Policy Address, "Strong Governance for the People", that gets me thinking:

Now for those of us who are being governed, all we care about is whether the government has good or bad governance.

Who cares whether governance is strong or weak, as long as it is good? May be it's just me, but I simply cannot see any logical relationship between strong and good governance.

If strong governance means the government is vested with more power to carry out its functions, and few limitations are imposed on that power(which is the case in Hong Kong), then common sense would suggest bad governance is far more likely to be the outcome.

God bless Hong Kong!

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I C Zhang said...

It seems that the Hong Kong government under the leadership of Donald Tsang has shifted away from the free market economy that we used to be familiar with under the British ruling. Tsang has softened his attitude towards a comprehensive competition policy, and a statutory minimum wage and standard working hours. He no longer defends for Hong Kong that these measures are indeed unnecessary for Hong Kong's economic development. Wanting a strong governance for the people of Hong Kong suggests that he is keen to push forward these measures to secure another terms of office in 2007. Ergo, strong governance means bad governance.