Monday, May 12, 2008

Books, More Books and I Have Started Reading Some of Them

1) I got this at a bookstore in Central, Hong Kong last weekend, although Amazon said it has not been published. I have just finished reading the first chapter and have begun the 2nd, so far so good and it actually cites Armen Alchian in the first chapter. The author is a physics professor at Caltech.

2) A Splendid Exchange: How Trade Shaped the World.

3) Harry G Johnson: A Life In Economics. And yes, he was the guy where legend has it that he could finish writing a paper during a plane ride over the Atlantic (he held position both at LSE and Chicago). Rumour has it that George Stigler once responded to the question why he did not get as many published papers as Johnson, the guy down the hall, and George's answer was: Yeah but mine are different.

4) The latest edition of Peter Kennedy, an excellent, indispensable reference on the concepts behind econometrics for dummy like me.

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