Monday, September 10, 2007



是的,只在數年前我看的書十之八九都是用英語寫成的。 過去十多二十年,用得着中文的機會實在多。 九八年回港後的第一份工,要為公司的首席執行官朱小華寫中英文講稿,才驚覺自己中文底子單薄。

加入報社後年多,機緣巧合地替《華爾街日報》寫了篇評論文章,留英的舊同事Y 看後告我:如你駕馭中文的能力和英文的一樣好,相信你的文章會有更多讀者。打後我下大力氣努力改善自已的中文語言能力,離開報社後仍然如此。

I am not satisfied with my English language ability as well. Even today, I spend a lot of time and effort looking up meaning of new words or different meaning of words which I have encountered before. You need to learn how to use those words in making a sentence as well. In addition, with the advent of the internet, I will also use the computer to help me learn pronounce words that hithero I may know how to use but not pronounce. It requires a lot of hard work. But what doesn't?

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