Sunday, September 23, 2007


前天剛收到教授為高斯主辦的一個研討會所提交的論文,The Economic System of China, 長六十二頁,仍未及細看。

個人最喜歡是教授 74 年的 A Theory of Price Control,至少精讀了ニ、三十遍,最後一節到今天還是似懂非懂。



Other papers in his "Economic Explanation" are also good.

Will the new paper be released to public?

Kempton said...

I also hope the conference or prof. Cheung will post/share "The Economic System of China" on the internet hopefully under a creative commons license.

I thought I will never willingly volunteer to read a 17,000 words economics research paper for "enjoyment". But it should be an exciting and insightful paper to read.