Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Greg Mankiw Cited Work By My Co-blogger

This is from Greg Mankiw's blog:

A Reading for the Pigou Club

Here is supply-side guru Arthur Laffer together with coauthor Wayne Winegarden:

Of the two primary policies being proposed to address global warming—the capping and trading of emissions and the taxation of emissions—we favor the taxation of emissions. We suggest that a pro-active environmental policy should include an appropriate carbon tax fully offset by a static dollar-for-dollar across-the-board reduction in marginal income tax rates. If implemented with taxpayer protections, this policy would mitigate many if not all of the adverse economic costs from reducing carbon emissions. (My Emphasis)

Here is the link.

Who's Wayne?

Not only did we attend the same graduate school but we were roomates for about 4 years. Wayne graduated a year ahead of me and we have the same professor serving as our dissertation adviser.

Wayne worked in Hong Kong for a couple of years before returning home to the US.

This is a profile of Wayne.

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