Sunday, September 02, 2007

Books I have Been Reading

1) Wages of Destruction. A new economic history book on Nazi Germany.

2) China's Financial Transition at a Crossroad. The title says its all.

3) Gut Feelings.

4) Moral Minds. Go read the book review by game theorist H. Gintis further down the page. Then read this review in NYT by Stanford philosopher Richard Rorty.

Funny thing is according to the author Harvard professor Marc Hauser, apparently Rorty had not read the book before writing the review. Could you imagine such a reputed scholar like Rorty would do anything like that! Amazing indeed. Hauser's claim could be found in the new material section of the paperback edition (p. 8)

5) Super crunchers

"A lively and yet rigorously careful account of the use of quantitative methods for analysis and decision-making.... Both social scientists and businessmen can profit from this book, while enjoying themselves in the process."—Dr. Kenneth Arrow, Nobel Prize winning economist, and Professor Emeritus at Stanford University

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