Tuesday, January 08, 2008


再次感謝 (I do not know Aries and 明 are the same person), Kempton王小姐為教授所撰寫的維基 entry (這字應如何翻繹 ?)。

Angela: Of course I have heard about the Lion Rock Institute, actually I am the one who asked Simon to try his luck at Apple when I left there back in 2005. Congratulations and welcome to Hong Kong.

Angela and Kempton: please do not address me as prof, I left Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2003. And even then, I was not a professor, I had only research and admin duties there.

Aries: Are you an econ major? Just curious. Also under the heading contribution to economics in professor Cheung's entry, item 2.4, I think what you are referring to should be neoclassical econoimcs, not New Classical economics(they are two different things). Of course, I could be wrong on that.


Angela said...

Please Gary (how's first name for a change?), call me Angela. I am not used to be called "王小姐", for my last name is actually "汪" :)

May I ask where you are based at now?

And I believe I am speaking for the four of us that it's really our pleasure and honor to work on Prof. Chueng's Wiki page.



They called entry as "條目", don't know whether it is a good translation.

I am now having my full time graduate study in economics. I had been working for several years and my decision scared not only my friends but also the faculty. Well, maybe I am too old to do this :)

Gary M C Shiu said...

Dear Angela:

Sorry about getting your name wrong. Please accept my sincere apology.

I now work for an non-profit organization as a researcher.

Dear Ming:

First, thanks for your help for finding out the Chinese translation for entry.

You will NEVER be too old to do anything. Just go for it. I just turn 42 and already have a Ph.D. in economics, but I have just started my LLB distance learning program.

Good luck with your study. BTW, are you planning to get a masters degree or a doctorate, and would you mind telling me which university you are attending and what are the majors of your concentration?

Happy New Year and Good luck to ya all!

My office is located in Wanchai, may be one day we can all get together and have lunch or something. Sounds like a plan to you guys?


Angela said...

Dear Gary,

Terrific plan! I would love to have lunch with you and Aries! Believe or not, I have only met Aries once since I joined Lion Rock.

Looking forward to meeting you!



Hi Gary,

I will be very happy to have lunch with you. I am quite flexible except classes on Tue and Fri.

Thank you for your encouragement. I am studying at CU with concentration in international finance. Well, I planned to get doctorate originally but lost interest shortly when I realized the focus of economics study has changed. Of course, it is my problem :)


Kempton said...

Nice to be on first names basis with everyone here. (smile)

An interesting observation: the distributed nature of our interaction really makes our physical location much less important. Having said that, I wish I am in Hong Kong right now so I can join you all for lunch. (ah, may be next time)

I agree re "條目". Looks like the Wikipedia agreed upon translation for "entry"/"article" is "條目".

@Aries It is never "too old" to get ourselves into trouble. (smile) Getting ourselves into trouble is the fastest way to learn. I think. Economics and international finance. Great.

@Angela I actually didn't known your last name is "汪" until now, so that was a bonus. (smile)

@Gary Now I know where to ask my law and economics questions. (smile) Do you plan to practice law? Or you want to do research in law?

By the way Gary, feel free to update and change the Wikipedia entry of Prof. Cheung. We only helped enhance the entry, and calling us "撰寫" the entry make me blushed a little.

All: have a wonderful 2008.