Monday, January 21, 2008

World Bank Chief Economist-to-be Justin Lin

Here is a story in mainland's financial magazine Caijing. Here is another story about Lin's employment up at WSJ.

Justin wrote his thesis under the supervision of the late Dale G Johnson at Chicago.

And here is a link to a video on Justin delivering his Marshall Lectures at Cambridge late last year.


Kempton said...

Thanks a lot of the link to the video. I almost chocked on the water that I was drinking when I heard the humourous intro before the talk (his transition from Peking University to Chicago was really funny).

Gary, any chance you can link to Prof. Lin's Phd thesis here? I wander if it is downloadable somewhere as I would like to take a quick look.


Kempton said...

P.S. Looking at Prof. Lin's publication list,

I am guessing his Phd thesis was related to Chinese Agriculture? Am I in the same ball park?