Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Suppose you write a blog, somebody left a message/0r messages in one of your posts. And you all agree to meet for lunch.

The MILLION dollar question is: HOW should one go about organzing it. Yes, you could leave you contact number or your email address, but that's risky when cyber theft and all other threats are daily occurings.

The actual meeting is the easiest part of it all. You could just tell you cyber buddies what color of your outfit is or what book you are carrying with you for easy identification.

, Angela, ideas please?



I tried but failed to find a solution, so poor that I can't get the money.

I decide to take the risk and here is my email address:

Then I can ask Angela to join in.

Gary M C Shiu said...
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Gary M C Shiu said...


Thanks for your info, I think you should delete your comment now that I have got your contact details.


Please send Ming an email or call him if you have his number in order for me to get started in organizing the lunch meeting.

Guess I should have asked Kempton in the first place, damn!


In case there are tons of junk emails filing your in box, may be you should get a new one instead.

May be the way to solve our problem is just this: we should have created a new, free email account solely for us to contact each other.

In any case, thanks for offering the solution and I look forward to seeing you and Angela soon!

Cheers and have a nice weekend!



Don't worry, Gary. It is a new one and I can throw it away anytime.

No need to worry about Angela as well, I have her contact.

Have a nice weekend!

Angela said...

Looking forward to seeing both of you!
Thank you Aries, for your great sacrifice ;)