Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Most Bogus Reason for Building a Government House

According to Director of Administration, one of the nice things about the the $4.94-billion new government complex is that it will help ease unemployment problem of the contruction workers. This is the case because the project is expected to hire about 3,000 contruction works.

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If these workers are really deserved to be helped, why don't they just pay them directly instead? Doing so would certainly cut the efficiencies which plague all government projects anyway. Regardingthe problem of shortage of office space for both civil servants and our "honourable" LegCo members, why not just rent some place for them?

Those LegCo members even dare to call themselves "OUR" representatives? It's our money we are talking about here. If they were indeed "OUR" Reps, they should be more careful in using our hard-earned money, wouldn't hey? If they were indeed "OUR" Reps, they should not have passed that governemnt expenditure bill in the first place!!!!!

Damn, am I angry!!!!

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