Saturday, December 27, 2008

Best Movie Line of the Day

It's from a movie about the life of Wing Chun kung fu master Ip Man, who was also one of the Bruce Lee's martial arts teachers.

Background of the line: Another kung fu master goes to master Ip's house and requests the latter to have a match with him. The line goes like this:

Challenger: So you don't want to have a match with me.

Ip Man: No. It's just that you come at a wrong time as my family and I are having dinner right now.

Ip continued: What about you? Have you eaten yet?

Challenger: No

Ip: Then why don't you join us?

Now that's real Martial Spirit right there!

Movie of the Year

This year's "Movie of the Year" goes to:

Ip Man

Here is the trailer

Wednesday, December 03, 2008



That is from today's Ming Pao, more here.

The fallacy inherent in the legislators' plea to stop importing talents from outside of HK is that they see the economy as a fixed-size pie. If some people get a large share of the pie, then others inevitably would get smaller slices. Zero-sum thinking.

That metaphor, market as a fixed-sized pie, is wrong.

A better metaphor for the market is that it is an exchange nexus. As more people participate in the market nexus, the extent of divison of labor could be further extended, the more productive the economy would become. A larger pie for everybody. And that, the enlargement and the extension of the market through increasing the number of market participants, is one of the fundamental drivers of the wealth of nations.

BTW, don't blame the legislators to be such idiots. YOU voted them in, remember? Disclosure: I DID NOT VOTE AND I WILL NOT FOR THE MANY ELECTIONS TO COME.