Monday, December 21, 2009

John Taylor on Rose Friedman

At the memorial for Milton three years ago, Allyn and Rose were talking. Allyn said how I liked to tell students about the MV=PY license plates when I introduced the quantity equation in myclasses—undergraduate and graduate. Rose told Allyn “We should get those plates for John”. Well several months later, Cindy Sparks called and said she had these plates. “Did I still want them?” she asked. Of course, I said and in a few weeks they showed up to my great delight.

That's from Stanford's John Taylor on Rose Friedman, read it here.

Thanks Milton and Rose for their unfailing efforts to promote the cause of free markets. In times like this, where everyone thinks Keynes is the economist to turn to, we free market economists need to follow the footsteps of Milton and Rose in resisting the temptation to let the government take over affairs which should remain in the private domain.

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